We've increased our online presence due to the continued closure of our main London shop. However, the pop-up shop on the main concourse of the Brunswick (opposite Starbucks) is doing well with new stock arriving, and selling, every day.

If any problems or with queries please ring +44(0) 1235 861411 or e-mail us at  [email protected].

The new shop is a temporary (3 months minimum) response to the social distancing challenge in London's biggest and busiest secondhand bookstore. See www.skoob.com for details


Skoob Books & PsychoBabel Books - rare, used and out-of-print.


We have been cataloguing more internet books every day since the pandemic crisis began.

We’ve adjusted our working practices and environment to keep our staff and customers safe and are committed to maintaining and growing our service as much as we can. Our friends at The Royal Mail are great as usual, and we’re happy to keep them busy at the time of writing. We’re getting lots of orders and enquiries and are working as hard as ever, even though the person who processes the paperwork for orders, the pickers and the packers shouldn’t be closer than two metres from each other; and every keypad and door handle is being disinfected to oblivion.

However, the crisis has led to a reduction in global freight, causing price rises for all international orders. In addition, the USA has imposed extraordinary price rises for imported mail, up to 400% on books, which we have to pass on. Two years ago, the USA was our cheapest destination to post to. Now it’s the most expensive in the world for the average book! Despite these changes, we also acknowledge that ALL deliveries will be slower than our normal rapid standard, although we’re unaware to what extent for each parcel.

We’re happy to receive direct e-mails, phone calls and all queries on our books. Order direct through our new improved secure server system.


Skoob Books & PsychoBabel recycle knowledge. We have nearly 20,000 books in our spacious temporary socially-distanced London shop, and 90,000 additional online. Together, we offer a unique, high-quality environment for academic book-buying.